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Where the Heck is VK7BEN?

It’s been quite a while between posts, and in fact this is only my second post since January. It’s not because I have been slacking off though. So I’ll try and give a bit of an update as to whats been going on.

Pa posing for the camera, Huon River

A couple of weeks after my last post, my Grandfather died ๐Ÿ™ It was for reasons known about to family, but it always happens sooner than you would like and the loss has been immense. I was particularly close to my grandfather and even 3 months later the thought that I can no longer see him is very raw and hard to deal with.

“Pa’s” influence on me has certainly be that of love for Tasmania’s vast wilderness. When I am not playing with amateur radio, I love taking photography of a wild Tasmania, of which you can see many of these photos over on Flickr.

Pa also encouraged my technical abilities and was fascinated by the things I was doing in the radio space, from who I contacted via DX, to how light could be modulated with audio along to being able to broadcast Television. As I said, I’ll miss my conversations with him.

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The LCA 2017 Open Radio Mini Conference

Looking out over the Derwent River from the LCA2017 Conference held at Wrest Point

Looking out over the Derwent River from the LCA2017 Conference held at Wrest Point

This week I had the pleasure of attending Linux Conference Australia, the largest Free & Open Source Software Community event in Australia. As part of the conference there were a series of mini conferences held in the first two days and I was lucky enough to be asked to be involved with the Open Radio Mini Conference.

Scott VK7LXX Presenting on SatNOGS

Scott VK7LXX Presenting on SatNOGS

There were a number of fantastic talks at the event on Satellites, Getting into Amateur Radio, HPSDR, 10GHZ EME, Hamlib along with a panel discussion. One of the fantastic things about LCA was that all the sessions have been recorded and placed on Youtube, so I can just link to them below:

Also at the conference was Steve Conklin AI4QR who presented as part of the main conference on the Phase 4 Geosynchronous Satellite Efforts in progress with AMSAT. This was a fascinating presentation and can be found by following this link.

LCA2018 is going to be held on the UTS Campus in Sydney next year, and hopefully there will be another Open Radio Miniconference!

Facilitating the Hobby

Facilitators Certificate

This arrived in the mail last week. I’m pretty happy about it ๐Ÿ™‚ It now means I can provide assistance with foundation courses and exams that my local radio club holds.


Festival of Bright Ideas 2016

REAST FOBI Stand 2016

I recently had the pleasure of helping my radio clubย host a stand as part of the Festival of Bright Ideas in Hobart, held has part of National Science Week. This has been one of the first public events that the club has been involved with for some time, and has it turned out, it was a great success!

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